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Mediascapes are a potentially powerful way of engaging with the world around us. Using PDAs they offer new opportunities to explore and interact with the landscape in exciting and varied ways. The award-winning Create-A-Scape website project aims to offer the inspiration for teachers and pupils to start using mediascapes, and to provide easy-to-use guides and free software (HP's Mediascape Authoring Toolkit) to help make mediascape creation as simple and accessible as possible.

Project type and status

Create-A-Scape is a free teaching resource:


Online press coverage

Online press coverage

09/01/07 - Education Guardian
29/09/06 - Electronics Weekly
22/09/06 - PC Pro
19/09/06 - New Electronics

Create-A-Scape won a New Statesman New Media Award in July 2007, in the 'education' category.

Create-A-Scape was also a runner-up in Yahoo!’s Educational Finds of the Year 2007